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In many ways it is a mirror of the history of Eastern Europe, and we begin with the city of Grodno, the capital of Belarus and the largest city in the Baltic Sea region. The city is located near the borders with Poland and Lithuania and is at a crossroads influenced by different cultures and has a turbulent history. Throughout its history it was part of different states, but it began as a small town with a population of about 1,000 people and an area of 1.5 million.

Although there are many natural wonders in Belarus, it is also one of the most popular cities to visit for its historical sights, which attract a large number of visitors every year. Although it may not be absolutely necessary - look at sights in other countries such as Poland and Lithuania, but Belarus has enough attractions to keep you entertained for a week or two. There are currently a lot of cities that we have visited on day trips and weekend trips, but this is the first of a series of posts about Grodno Belarus trips.

The city is also a nice starting point to visit the old town with its old city walls, old churches and old buildings. The city is a good starting point for visiting some of the most popular tourist attractions in Belarus, such as the Old Town of Grodno, the National Museum and the Natural History Museum.

On the way you can also visit Grutas Park, which is the site of the removal of the unwanted statue of Lenin after Lithuania regained its independence from the Soviet Union.

The city is attractive with clean and wide pavements made of colored bricks, a river that runs through the center, and parks and monuments scattered throughout the city. Many of the monuments and architecture have been restored and the streets are pretty good, so come here and enjoy it properly. Minsk may not have as many tourist attractions as Vilnius or Kaunas, but it is still one of the most beautiful cities in Lithuania.

In the afternoon, transfer to Grodno, considered one of the most beautiful Belarusian cities. Visa-free travel to Belarus takes place via the so-called Brest-Grotno region and then on to the border with Lithuania. In order to stay in the visa-free zone, you must behave and have all the documents necessary for entering Lithuania, but you can leave from any border crossing in this region. Due to its proximity to Lithuania and the fact that it is a visa-free region for foreigners, it is a great place to travel.

Given that you can get a visa from one of its neighbouring countries, Belarus is a great place to live in Grodno for a few days and stay one or two days in Minsk. If you have little time in Belarus, you can go on a trip to the Mir and Niasviz castles or take a train trip to Brest if you are not travelling by car. Lida is another very simple town to visit, and you will come from Poland to Grotno, leaving the country via Lithuania.

This tour can be part of a tailor-made Belarus package tour or a one-day visit to the city of Grodno.

Below you will find some of the sights we recommend to you, as well as a closer look at the city of Grodno and its surroundings. We hope that you will include Belarus in your European travel list and that these places in Belarus will inspire you to book your tickets in the near future. There are 12 worthwhile places to visit in Belarus, and the country is one of the emerging tourist destinations in Europe.

Grodno is one of the historical monuments of the city, which is preserved to this day by the National Museum of Belarus and the Belarusian National Museum of History, as well as a number of museums.

After a walk through the city for a few minutes, one has the feeling of being in Vilnius, Kiev or Moscow, and the villages and towns we passed looked neat, too. During the day we travelled by train from Minsk to Brest and from there by bus to Grodno.

Three other major cities were Warsaw in Poland, Moscow and Vilnius in Lithuania, which gave us the opportunity to see some of the sites there. We went to Sokolka (Poland), where my father was born, and from there to Belarus, where our grandfather was born. From there we went to Minsk and then to Grodno, from where we took the train to Brest (Belarus) and finally the bus to Grodsno.

Hrodno Belovezhskaya (Pushcha National Park) is a place where you can get a taste of Belarus, and therefore it is also possible to get an online visa - free visas for all things were easy and cheap to get in Hrod No. 1.

More About Grodno

More About Grodno