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In this long blog post I will show you 11 wonderful things you can do in Grodno, and at the beginning of this article I will talk about Belarusian souvenirs that you can buy even in this small town.

There are many such shops in Grodno, but for now I will forget the most popular ones I know, and they will not all be found in one place.

The official shop of the Belarusian flax factory is located at 91 Horkaha Street, on the second floor, and the Euroopt shopping centre has its own department store where you can buy everything from clothes, shoes, jewellery, clothes and accessories. The city's department stores used to be the main shopping centers in Grodno, such as the old city center, but today there are modern shopping centers that manage to preserve the tradition of classic department stores.

You can easily visit one of them by going to the mall, and the nearest store will give you access to all the treats you want. In the cinema you can enjoy a movie or even a concert in one of the theatres of Grodno, such as the Old Town Hall.

Unfortunately there is no official shop in the city centre of Hrodna, but you can find shoes in the Lida shoe factory (unfortunately it was closed in 2016). Unfortunately, the official shops in Lidas' shoe factory have been closed since 2016, so it is really worth visiting the shop. Some of the best flax varieties in Grodno can also be found at the flax market Valionki in the Old Town Hall. Classic leather gloves made of fine deer are never out of date, so you can buy them in a variety of shops, from the old town hall to the shopping center.

The Orthodox Church of Saints Boris and Gleb is the oldest functioning church in Belarus, despite severe damage caused by time and nature. Situated on the banks of the river, it dates back to 12 centuries and houses the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity of St. John the Baptist. There is an old city cemetery in Belarus from the 18th century, as well as the Old Town Hall.

The unique culture is reflected in the souvenirs that tourists can find even in small towns across the country. Belarusian shops offer a wide selection of souvenir items, from jewelry and clothing to clothing and accessories. The most common purchases include hats, scarves, necklaces, jewelry, shoes and even a few other items.

Such gifts can be found at a small street market organized by local craftsmen on Savieckaja Street. Buy a cup and a plate from this tourist magnet in Hrodna, where you can buy them in a variety of colors and sizes, from white to black, red to blue and even green.

Shopping in the mall where you can buy everything from clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories and other items for your home or office. Shopping in this shopping center in Hrodna, near the city center, and where you can buy everything from clothes, shoes and accessories to food and drink. Shopping in a shopping mall in Krakow, not far from the capital of the Polish capital Warsaw.

In this shopping centre in Krakow, near the city centre, you will find everything from clothes, shoes, jewellery, accessories and other items for your home or office.

This walk - the - the - Smilovichi mill produces felt boots (valenki), which are sold in a wide range of colours and styles, from black and white to red and blue. There are other famous shoe brands represented by brands such as Balenciaga, Zwierzyszczyca, Krakow Boots and others, as well as a number of other brands.

If you want to buy flax and Gomel candies from Vitebsk, do not despair, these folk producers behave like shops, although they are located in Brest. The only way to shop and find local clothes is to visit the Brest clothing market. If you have to, you can also buy handmade souvenirs at the local market, such as handbags, hats, shoes and other accessories. Some of the brands and shops have their own specialty stores in and around B Rest, and some are well known - in Belarus.

Here you should definitely visit the Kryga Gallery, which is also known as the Center Garadsky Zhytsya. The architecture of this building may not be unique, but its central location made it one of the calling cards of Grodno. Old synagogues in Belarus have very few and even fewer are in good condition. But the main synagogue in Gro dno is an important architectural monument with a beautiful facade and a large number of statues and sculptures.

Belarusian jewellers, who make jewellery from precious metals and stones, are known far and wide for their high-quality jewellery, which must be found in Lolsch's shop.

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More About Grodno