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You may be surprised to know that Belarus has excellent food and that it is very possible to plan a day trip to Minsk, the capital of Belarus and one of the most important cities in the country. While foreign food from international chains has become fashionable, chefs from fine Minsk restaurants are trying to reinvent traditional Belarusian flavours. If you are planning a day trip to M Belarus, try to visit the city centre, which is not far away. To get there, you need to book a rental car in Minsk, but make sure you have a good chance of travelling by train or bus if you want to.

If you want a full tour, it is worth remembering that only a few guides offer this option, but they are not always available.

We believe that our reviews, posts, features and reactions will highlight a wide range of opinions and experiences that will surely help our guests make a well-informed decision about their stay. We will also introduce you to some of the best Minsk restaurants you can try, as well as learn more about the most popular restaurants in the city and their history. As a Slavic country, Belarusian cuisine is very different from that of other parts of Europe, such as Germany, France, Italy and the United States. In this article we will focus on Belarusian cuisine in M Belarus, because different regions of Belarus have unique cuisines and styles.

As in many other cultures of the world, a thick, warm soup with various seasonal vegetables and meats is indispensable for the cuisine in Belarus.

This is closely related to the Slavic regional dumplings found in neighbouring Ukraine and Poland. Other stew variations found in Belarus are vantrobianka, which itself consists mainly of pork organs braised in small pieces, and breast puree covered with bread crumbs. Look for Belarusian food on the menu in Minsk, but be aware that there are many other options in other parts of the country.

Lido is a chain of restaurants that provide comfort food, but you will also find a variety of other restaurants in the city, such as the Lido Bar and the Lidos Bar. More beers in Belarus, including homemade Belarusian stouts, can be found here.

You also have a tasting drinks plate where you can sample three different local alcohol favorites that can be sampled, such as the typical Krambabulya drink, a vodka and vodka, and a beer.

You pay for each item individually at the checkout and have the choice of what you have on your tablet. If you are looking for a real local experience in Minsk, visit Cafe Maestro Stolitsa. There are several World War I forts in the city, you can reach them by bike or you can find out much more on their website and Facebook page.

The Orthodox Church of Saints Boris and Gleb is one of the oldest churches in the city and the only one still in operation today. It was built on a site flooded with spring water, but its function was discontinued after the First World War due to the construction of a new church.

The main synagogue in Grodno is an important architectural monument, but the old synagogues in Belarus have very few and even fewer are in good condition. It is the oldest city cemetery in all of Belarus, dating back to the 18th century.

The architecture of this building may not be unique, but its central location made it one of the calling cards of Grodno. Architecturally, the building is hardly distinguishable from a normal Catholic church. According to urban legend, Bernardine monks and nuns dug an underground passage under the church, and it is said that underground passages were dug here by Bernardines, monks or nuns.

While potato pancakes are a common staple in many other countries, Belarusian draniki have a unique, smooth and fine texture. In the region bordering Poland, they are often called potato babka (kartoflaniki).

Here are a few Minsk restaurants where vegetarians can feel some relief at the meat flood in the Belarusian cuisine. Traditional Belarusian cuisine relies heavily on just four ingredients: potatoes and meat, vegetables and dairy products. You will find something vegetarian in the Valsiki restaurant, located in the heart of the city, right next to the main shopping district.

One of the best cafés and restaurants where you can find vegetarian Belarusian dishes is Bebe, one of the most popular restaurants in Minsk. Among a few places in M Belarus, it's a great place to get a cup of Joe and a small breakfast pastry.

History of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, there are stories inspired by its history in the form of the Minsk Faust Museum and the Belarusian History Museum. The museum will tell you the history of Belarus from the beginning of its existence to the present and its confusion of history.

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