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Foreigners can acquire property, but foreign citizens have only the right to lease land. Article of the Law on Property in the Republic of Bulgaria and Article on the Rights of Foreigners in relation to Property.

Travellers from several other countries who are only allowed to enter through Minsk airport can also enter Belarus without a visa. In addition, Belarus has the right to stay in the territory of Belarus for a year and to enter twice, only to leave and return. The same traveller who is allowed to enter and stay in the Brest and Grodno region on a valid visa-free passport may also enter and stay in the "Brest" and "Grodno" regions. In the case of a temporary visa holder, he can stay in Belarus for up to three months or up to two years.

The representative of the Belarusian authorities in your country should be asked to provide you with a list of documents that you must submit. Please note that all those who enter Belarus without a visa and stay for more than 5 days must register with the local police department within 5 days of their arrival in Belarus.

There are many real estate agencies in Belarus, you only have to contact one to avoid risks. Foreigners must apply to local authorities for state registration of land in the cadastre through the local authority. Some of them need to be certified by a notary, others by an agent of the Belarusian real estate agency.

It is always good to invest your money in this type of property, as it is always possible to rent it out or resell it at a profit. If you come from outside the country, it is best not to invest any money in it, even if it has always been possible to rent it out profitably and sell it on.

We hope that this article has helped clarify some of the most important aspects of real estate purchase in the Republic of Belarus.

In summary, it depends a great deal on the economic situation of the country, which has not been stable in recent years. We tell you how to find an apartment for rent in Belarus and not face fraudsters. With the help of our expert Juri we carried out a detailed review of real estate acquisition in the Republic of Belarus. This report presents current and forecast trends regarding the best places to buy property in Kazakhstan and the best places to buy property in Ukraine.

The country has a relatively well-developed industrial base, but it is now outdated and obsolete, and that will not happen in the near future, at least not in the foreseeable future. You can look at the average salary in that country, expressed in US dollars, as a percentage of GDP.

The Belarusian capital is compared with the regional centres and large cities of Belarus, so the situation here is as follows. Apartment prices in Minsk have fallen slightly in recent years compared to neighbouring cities, while prices in Riga, Vilnius and Warsaw have increased by 20-25% and have risen only marginally in Kiev and Moscow. Property prices in Belarus have been higher in recent years than at any time in recent decades.

If you live in a large city, especially Minsk, you can buy a residential property and use it as a commercial property. This applies to residential and commercial properties as well as to apartments in regional centres and large cities.

However, the Earth Code provides a way for foreign citizens to acquire land through inheritance. When you buy a domestic property, foreigners can claim their land as long as they own at least 50% of it.

Foreigners who invest at least 150 thousand euros will receive a permanent residence permit after paying the full amount of real estate tax. The holder is entitled to enter, stay and leave Belarus within the period specified in the visa, unless otherwise agreed by an international treaty of the Republic of Belarus.

It is therefore likely that today is the best time to invest in real estate in Belarus, especially in this region. What are the most popular owners and tenants who are interested in buying property in Belarus before moving here as a good investment? There is no doubt that there are many different types of apartments in Belarus that can be rented over the Internet. There are a number of possibilities to rent and rent apartments in Russia, Belarus and other countries.

Some of the most popular properties are located in Minsk, the capital of Belarus and the second largest city in the country after Belgrade. The Grodno region has the largest number of lawyers and associations of lawyers in Belarus, and therefore it can be said from the right that this was the first time that the Institute of Lawyers has adopted legislation. In 1804, the Tsarist authorities of Russia introduced regulations for settling Jews. These documents abolished the "Jewish Kehillot" and subjected the Jewish population to local administrative authorities. As a result of these regulations, the rule of law and legal activity did not appear in the region until the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

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