Grodno Belarus Intercontinental Hotel

To help you plan your trip to the capital of Belarus, we have decided to make a list of the best hotels and restaurants in Grodno where you can stay. We have chosen a stay that is truly pleasant so that you can fully enjoy your trips to Belarus.

The rooms are soundproofed, which is important in the centre of the city, and breakfast is included in the price. Each room is well soundproofed and offers plenty of space to sleep and a room to behave in.

Crowne Plaza also participates in the IHG Club bonus program, which allows you to stay free at the hotel and earn points at the company's hotels around the world. Only the Hoteza programme for Minsk was introduced at this hotel, which allows guests to order additional hotel services before leaving the room and use a free flat screen TV. Each room has a flat screen TV, which you don't have to turn off, so you're totally fascinated by M & S.

If you like to go for a walk, the 1 km walk around Independence Square will not scare you, and there is also a park nearby. At the hotel you can book a tour of Minsk or, if you do not have space for a car, rent it to explore the city and country on your own.

We recommend booking them early as prices are rising and the number of available seats is decreasing. Let us start with the most important thing: the hotel itself, not the hotels in Minsk.

To fully evaluate the best hotels in Minsk, we have written extensively about them. We have taken prices in Belarusian rubles and reviews from, where you can find the most complete list of accommodation options in and around M Belarus, as well as from our own research.

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Plan your trip with the help of our travel planner and find the best things to do in Belarus and plan your trips. If you are having trouble choosing a place to stay in the capital, have a look at our list of 4-star hotels where you can stay. All 4-star hotels are available in at least numerous categories of accommodation, and some even more than 4-star.

Notable hotel features include a full-service restaurant, a hotel bar, an indoor pool and a spa. Facilities on site include a gym, gym, fitness centre, swimming pool and gym, as well as an outdoor swimming pool. Inside the grounds there is a restaurant where a continental breakfast is served in the morning, which is very well attended by visitors.

Each room, which also has a strict, stylish and minimalist interior, has an ironing board, stove, air conditioning and washing machine. Each room has a work area and a private bathroom with shower, toilet and shower cabin.

From the large windows you can admire the beautiful view of Minsk and the view of the city and its surroundings. Each room has an ironing board, stove, air conditioning and washing machine, and a private bathroom with shower and shower cabin.

Most of Minsk's main attractions are easily accessible from the city centre from Hotel Gubernsky. It is located on a cycle path that leads through the whole of Belarus and has a great view over the city and its surroundings, as well as a beautiful view of Belgorod.

The right bank consists of the historical centre, and the left bank of the main Belgorod river, the Dnipropetrovsk, houses the city centre.

The three floors show the general everyday objects used by the partisans, such as food, clothing and other everyday objects. Large photos hang on the outer walls of the building, which show the diversity of Polish Jewry to all. A large number of photographs from the 1880s and 1900s show what Warsaw must have looked like before the war and the final destruction of the city.

My father and mother's family came from Minsk, and I know few other relatives in the city, but I have no information about the others. My cousin's mother, who died with her family in Panevezys, Lithuania, during the Second World War, also wanted to go on pilgrimage there. Our leader led us through the Great Patriotic War, which was the most important period in the history of Poland and one of its most devastating.

More About Grodno

More About Grodno