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For those who want to study in Belarus, there is no doubt that Minsk tops the list of potential destinations. Western visitors, when you have arrived to Telechana and other settlements of Belarus, you will begin with the western visitors.

If you have a valid visa, you can enter Belarus from the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. There are several international trains from Russia and one from Moscow, which runs 16 hours a day. The trains will be more epic and they will run from Minsk to the capital of Belarus and back in less than an hour. There are several trains to Belarus in the form of trains and buses from Belarus to Moscow and other cities in Russia (one of them is daily, 16 hours drive).

In Minsk, it is expected that one pays for buses, trolleybuses and trams, but also for taxis, buses and buses from other cities of Russia.

If you are travelling in Belarus with a backpack, you spend BYN 82 (USD 40) per day and the average cost of a night in a hotel in Minsk is BY 102 nd (USD 50 per night).

If you are interested in a day trip to Minsk, visit the complex of the Ethnological Museum Dudutki to experience the history and folklore of Belarus. Along the route you can also visit Grutas Park, which has its own museum and where the unwanted statue of Lenin was taken down after Lithuania regained its independence from the Soviet Union. Enjoy a night at the Grand Opera House to return to the past and experience a ballet or opera.

The castle is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers spectacular views of some of Belarus's best buildings. After being heavily damaged by cannon fire in the past, the castle has regained its former splendour. The Grand Opera House (left) and the Grand Palace (right) are among the most striking buildings in Minsk.

Nevertheless, our guide to Belarus contains everything you need to know to travel to Belarus. Belarus is located in the east of the former Soviet Union, near the borders with Russia and Ukraine. It is a very pleasant city, but if you reach the centre and remember the charm and grace of the old city, you may be reminded of the famous Western European style, as well as some of the most famous landmarks of Belarus, such as the Grand Opera House, the Grand Palace and the Great Hall of Justice. The Grand Opera House (left) and the Grand Palace (right) in Minsk, Belarus, which are a very pleasant city, although you might be reminded of their old style once you get to the centre.

To learn the secrets of Hotel Hacks, read our guide to the best hotels in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus and how to find them.

If you travel through the whole region, you can get a general guide to Eastern Europe, which contains a chapter on tourism in Belarus. There is a kayak rental in Minsk, but you need to book in advance, especially during high season. You can do this by contacting the Ministry of Citizenship and Migration in Minsk and asking for your hotel. If you are not in Minsk, you will have to pay the equivalent of 15EUR for a night in one of the hotels in the city, such as the Grand Hotel Grodno Belarus.

For lunch in the city you need to know that most restaurants offer lunch, but the amount is rather small.

Tuition fees in Belarus will vary by university and subject, but international students can expect to pay, since English - courses taught are generally cheaper than Belarusian - teach courses. Belarus is relatively affordable in terms of the cost of living, with students needing only about 1.5-2% of their annual income. The good news is that hotel prices are quite low compared to other countries such as the United States, Germany, France, Italy or even the United Kingdom. There is also a good selection of hotels that tourists can expect to find during their stay in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus., in partnership with Booking. Com, offers good deals for aspiring tourists and offers a wide range of hotels in Belarus and other countries of the region.

One of the few attractions in Minsk is the Belarusian Museum of the Great Patriotic War, which commemorates the Second World War, but the other five include a variety of museums, galleries, restaurants, hotels and other tourist attractions. With Brest in the western part of Belarus, the region is home to the city of Brest, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Belarus and the second most visited place in Europe. The Berestye Archaeological Museum and its Museum are the two most visited places on the planet, along with the Museum of History and Archaeology. Other attractions of the B-stop are the open-air railway museum, which shows historical locomotives, and the "Berest Yehuday" ("Archaeological Village"), which preserves a Slavic village from the 13th century.

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